The First Week of School . .. . Tuesday

We recapped and expanded on the story somewhat organically while drawing running W forms on paper . . . Little Man made ‘a huge wave’ and drew a boat ontop, then Tenderfoot  followed suit and added a fish below the boat in her picture. The Wisewoman, Blossom, and the Prince were soon aboard the boat along with a lantern, many more fish and turtles began swimming about and before we knew it Broadwing, feeling hungry, decided to draw his arrows to hunt a fish!!  The fish was also hungry and, rising up, opened up its mouth to swallow him whole!!  Oh my!  Broadwing would have made a fine dinner if it wasn’t for the Wisewoman calling out, “Nahi machi nahi!!”  At this the fish turned and said, “Aap yahaa?”  And so I found a way to incorporate teaching some Urdu within the lesson, how exciting :0)  Blossom and Broadwing Oooh’d to hear the Wisewoman speaking with a fish!!  At their Ooh’s sparks shone about in the lantern.  Then the fish swam away and the Wisewoman said, “The machi has told me that we are to take our kashtee in the direction of the brightest sitara in the aasmaan.  We will reach zameen where the roshnee we need for our chiragh will be found.”  And so they journey’d onward.  It didn’t take the children long to translate and repeat nahi machi nahi and nahi machi machi :0)

We breaked some movement and a snack after the tale.  Little Man went to catch his breeze and Tenderfoot returned to the writing portion of our lesson.  I made a K on the chalkboard and she colored it into her main lesson book, eyes getting really wide when she saw the K take shape, “Looook!! It’s a K too!!!”  The she wrote some words beginning with K on the other side of the sheet.  We discussed sentences as a thought for a while, and how they begin with a capital and end with a dot unless the thought is a question, in which case the end is like this ?  She made a few statements after that and switched them to questions . . . . There is wood in the forest.  Is there wood in the forest?  We ended withher making up a sentence with as many K words as she could . . . .it goes like this:  The kind kitten knitted a knob for the king.

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