Around and About

What a windy day!!  Comes howling in all the windows, in all four directions, rustling up the papers on the table into a chorus of crinkles.  The butterflies are being tustled about and the crows all gliding against the blueness of the sky above.  Here and there fallen leaves dance down the pathways, tumbling over themselves.
We spent most of last week at the serene and magical Sherando Lake, so close to where we live it’s like home.  Tenderfoot has made a great leap and is now swimming . … daily visits to the waters and soaking it all in seems to have been enough to teach her.. …  the water taught her what she needs to know, and spending time with the frogs and newts and fishes has helped her too as they’ve taught her the water way.  She glows as she grows and does new things, eyes alight as she sees me look at what she can do now.  Such a precious time.

I went out and harvested kale and beets from the cold frame, then seeded red russian, even star, and lacinato kales, anuenue lettuce, bright lights chard, tyee spinach, and some pink mustard in the empty spaces.  Repotted the meyer lemon to bring in once it cools down some more.  Snipped some pinneapple sage and basil shoots to root and grow indoors overwinter.  The sage has done really well before and I have three bushes that I grew from last years rooted shoots; am hoping it’ll work with basil too.  Then headed down to the garden and brought back some yellow squash, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  It’s a beautiful sunny day to do work outside.

The autumn olives by the pond have red gold-flecked berries all over them.  Can’t wait to make jam a little later, they taste best right before the first frost, though they’re yummy by the hand full right now too . …all those gold flecks in my mouth feel like bits of sunshine swirling about.

Along the way saw our one remaining guinea.  The rest of his brothers and sisters have made meals for the neighbour, Coyote.  He’s tied in his lot with the chickens and stays very close to them, following them everywhere including back into the coop for the nights.  I figure his survival chances look pretty good!

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