Bread Day

Today was bread making day.  I use a very simple recipe:

6 cups flour, this can be any number of cups of whole wheat, seven grain or unbleached white, to total six cups
1 tbsp. yeast
3 cups warm whey, or water

First I mix the yeast into the liquid, then I add all the flour at once.  Usually Little Bird mixes it first then I give it a vigorous stirring till it’s got no flour left that’s not moistened and part of the sticky mass.  I cover it with wrap and put it on the fridge for a couple of hours to rest and grow.  Empty it with floured hands onto a floured counter.  Flatten it into a big rectangle, fold it over toward the middle, then again (like a letter), until I have a long thin rectangle.  From the top, I fold it down into a package.  Put this back in the bowl and let it rest and grow again for a couple of hours.
When I’m ready to bake, I take it down, preheat the oven to 425 degrees, and dust two pizza sheets with cornmeal.  I cut the dough in half and usually form one half into a flattened round.  Gather the edges and bring to the center.  Pinch together and flip over onto the floured countertop.  Cup the ball with my off hand, and turn it round and round with the other.  Place it onto the sheet.  With the other half I pinch off smaller sizes of dough and do the same thing for round rolls.  I leave them on the sheets for about 15 minutes to settle.  Then into the oven they go for roughly half an hour, after which voila!!  Warm bread to eat :0)  Sometimes I’ll knead the first mix up of dough if I’m feeling kneady, but either way, knead or not, it turns out light and holey and very delicious!!


After putting up the bread we all went out and dug up the white gladiolas to dry for next years planting.  Then we gathered pink zinnia, cream hollyhock, bouquet dill, caribe cilantro, cleome, and resina calendula seeds.  Put them in empty seed envelopes and labelled them.  These we’ll share with friends and replant next year too :0) Let me know if you want some, we have an abundance of seeds!


Next project was digging up the thorny pigweeds from around the cold frame.  Stained the pine frame sashes in preperation for putting the glass on the frame . . . .it’s cooling down in these Virginia mountains.  After this we climbed up a 14 foot ladder and hung two lengths of rope from the red maple tree overlooking the creek.  Later it’ll house a swing, until then we’re using them to climb and pull ourselves up on and free swing from too.  Lots of fun indeed :0)

Comments welcome . . .

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