Leaf Play

What a glorious day! All of us went outside as soon as the frost had dried off, around 11’ish or so. Little Man had declared that today is the day we have to start up the woodstove, so the first order of busy-ness was splitting wood.  Cedar smells so good when split, and the inner reddish purple color contrasted by the outer white ring is just beautiful.  Makes great firestarter when split very thin too, gets that woodstove burning quickly and then we can put on the wild cherry, oak, and locust which burn nice and hot.  Another thing cedar does really well is present a perfect stump to seat our bottoms on :0)

After all the splitting was done, Little Man moved wood into the wood box in the house and arranged newspaper and tinder/kindling to get it going.  The rest of us checked for eggs in the coop, and voila!  the hens are laying . . . . hurrah!!  They’d been on hiatus for two months, laying one off and on, but today we collected 5 eggs: 2 green, 2 brown, and 1 white.  It’s looking good for scrambled egg breakfasts again :0)
Little man joined us for some raking.  We piled leaves in a cage around the fig tree, to give her a blanket of warmth all winter long.  She ought to be nice and cozy under 6 feet of leaves.  Then we rolled and jumped and kicked up the leaves; so dry and crunchy.  The kids made nests for themselves and I buried them beneath the leaves many times.  It’s hard to tire of lying in a leafy nest in the sun  :0)
Went back inside and started up the fire, only to discover that it was past two o’clock and we were all famished.  So lunch time was a bit late today.  Oh well.  Afterward had a sweet snooze with the baby.  She woke up and sat infront of the stove, for all intents seriously reading, while I puttered around in the kitchen soaking rice for dinner, and cooking up some red lentils into daal.  The others were busy outside again.  What a lovely lovely day it has been :0)  Ended with a telling of  The Fisherman and the Genie, as we are visiting Sultan Shahriyar’s court with Prince Broadwing, Blossom, and the Wisewoman.  Shehrezade is telling her 1001 tales that make up the Arabian Nights, and the children really enjoy the stories and the fact that each night she lives to see another day.

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