Dreaming Giants

Little hands busy at work: pinching, twisting, stretching, rolling, kneading, shaping, and finally just holding the dough.  I could watch those splayed fingers all day.

This afternoon while we were busy knitting . . . . Tenderfoot and Little Man straddled atop cushion-horses . . . Tenderfoot said, “You know Mum, I was wondering, what if we’re just all a giant’s dream?”  I just looked at her somewhat astonished . . . she went on,  “I mean what if we’re not really here, and the world is filled with giants who are asleep and we’re what they’re dreaming about.  Will we disappear when they wake up?”  She pauses and looks at me, “Or would they have dreamed us into really being here, like you know how some dreams actually happen . . .  what if we’re their happened dream?”  She grins at me nonchalantly and goes on knitting; I can tell she needs no answer at all and is happy to be exploring the questions themselves, alongside me, but by herself and I am grateful to journey with her while she knits herself into being :0)

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