Sniffle Bugg

Sniffle Bugg is a naughty little bug who has run away from Buggville, which is in the Land of Morethansmall.  He is visiting us during these Indian Summer days.  He’s out and about, getting really friendly with the children.  This proximity has led Little Man straight to bed with a stuffed up nose, cough, runny eyes, and overall malaise.  Sniffles had first tried playing with Tenderfoot.  She shoo’d him away, and all he left her with was a nightime cough . . .  quickly banished with constant chewing of the big black cardamom seeds.  But now he’s snuck past her pooh poohing, right into her bedroom, right under her nose, where he’s attatched himself to her brother so snuggly!!  I gave him Aconitum Napellus, dropped Eucalyptus oil on his shirt to clear those nostrils, and he drank a mixture of Valerian and Passionflower tinctures to help him sleep; get the rest he so dearly needs to recover.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings.  With a family of six, Sniffles can domino through the lot of us, mutating and changing as he visits each one individually.  He’s a very adaptable and congenial little fellow.  This is what I am doing/have done/will be doing:

~Soaking rosehips in apple juice for us all to eat by the tablespoonful

~Mixed licorice root, echinecea root, and slippery elm bark powders in equal proportions then added a big pinch of goldenseal root and made a paste by adding honey.  This gets rolled into marble sized balls and eaten by the whole tribe 4 times daily

~Will set up eucalyptus and garlic steams for stuffy people

~Miso and chicken broth 3 x daily for the whole tribe

~Have minced many garlic cloves into a glass bowl, which we’ll swallow 1tsp. with water upto 3 x daily

~No dairy for any stuffy people

~Rice and lentils as meals, with oats or tapioca for breakfast

~Turmeric/saltwater gargles

~Brew a cough syrup made with honey, wild cherry bark, licorice, ginger, elecampane and echinecea roots

Hopefully Sniffles will be missed by his friends in Buggville and will return to the Land of Morethansmall in short order!

In the meantime, our fire dwindles during the day; merely kept alive so that we don’t have to restart it at night.  Easy enough to do.  I split up 3-4 logs into 10-12  pieces and use these over the course of the day just to keep the coals ready for later.  I love splitting wood, especially the locust and oak.  The sound it makes when the axe cuts through it is incomparable.

Well everyone is asleep, all is quiet. I finished my first ever piece of knitting: a bear for Little Bird :0)

Comments welcome . . .

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