Medicine Chest

here’s a peek into my current medicine chest.  i dry plants that grow around us or buy what doesn’t from mountain rose herbs.  the tinctures i either make or buy through jean’s greens, with the exception of the nettle-eyebright tincture: i get that from mountain rose herbs.  jean’s greens has a breath of joy tincture that’s somewhat equivalent and i get that from time to time.  my kitchen cupboard hosts a lot of goods that also go into many healing concoctions, especially turmeric root powder, cayenne powder, cinnamon, bragg’s raw apple cider vinegar, and local wildflower honey.  i also keep fresh grated horseradish in the fridge:  it’s great for clearing up a stuffy nose.  and garlic is a permanent feature in the kitchen that goes a long way.

cold’s , cough, sniffles, stuffiness

elderberry syrup, nettle-eyebright tincture, echinecea purpurea root powder, slippery elm bark powder, licorice root and root powder, goldenseal root powder, rose hips, wild cherry bark, aconitum napellus 30x by hyland’s, eucalyptus essential oil

immune building

burdock root, dandelion root, astragalus root


cat’s claw capsules by raintree nutrition, knotweed as source natural’s resveratrol, eleuthero tincture by herb pharm, teasel root tincture from jean’s greens, astragalus root powder

first aid

tea tree oil, lavender oil, arnica ointment, calendula salve, tweezers, calendula tincture, bach’s rescue remedy, ssting stop ointment, apis 30x, arnica 30x, and ledum 30x by boiron

dry herbs for assorted tea making

calendula flowers, nettles, mullein, red clover flowers, raspberry leaves, mint, horsetail, cleavers, hibiscus flowers, lemongrass, oatstraw

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