making felt

i read instructions on felting a playmat with lily pads and leaves in a recent issue of living crafts magazine.  seemed easy enough, so armed with bubble wrap, wool batting, roving, and four excited children, we were off and going early this morning.  our project was limited to the felt making part of the article.  first we laid out white wool batting, then laid the fluffs of roving over top.  onto this we squirted dishwashing soap and drizzled about a cup of hot water over each ‘mat’.  then the bubble wrap covered the mat and was pressed and patted, not rubbed, pressed and patted, and even rolling pinned a few times.

then it was flipped over and rolled tightly.  the roll was then rolled, and squeezed, and rolled, and pressed, and rolled some more.

after about twenty minutes of squishy squashy rolling, unrolling, pressing, squeezing, and rereolling, it was unrolled and revealed.

each mat then went into a sink of warm water for a soak and massage, before being rolled up and rinsed under running water. voila! felt :0)  this was pretty easy and above all great fun.  there was soap on the floor and suds galore, which delighted little man tremendously . . . .  he was sporting a fine sudsy beard by the time we were done.  mostly though it was very calming and centreing, we can’t wait to do it again, though next time we’ll lay on the roving a little more lavishly!

we cut out star shapes from the dry felt and wet them.  then one was placed over the other and tied onto upside down jars to dry and take shape.

once these dried we stitched the centers together and placed a candle in the middle.  now we have pretty candle holders.

Comments welcome . . .

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