this and that

it didn’t take little man long to get dressed and head out the door, bow and arrow in hand, once he saw the truck on the driveway.  oh blissful was he when four men carrying chainsaws emerged, ready to trim the growth under the power lines . . .  one of the costs of having electricity: plants must die.  he spent the better part of the afternoon outside.  i went out to look for him, and he was sitting up on a hill in the woods from where he came bounding down, to tell me he was “just thinking”.  we walked a ways and he thought he’d try walking on the creek, it’s frozen over for the most part.  he slid on thin ice, jumped on thick ice to crack it, and tromped joyously over the rest.  he developed some interesting walking styles to accommodate himself . . . . apparently hunched forward is good for really thin slippery ice.

a while later, back at home, little bird found pages in a library book with writing on them. she declared these dirty.  i wasn’t paying attention, and by the time i did the book was in the tub with her getting a bath to clean it up.  also in the tub was an oversized stuffed rideable horse, also dirty and being shampooed!


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