pomanders, projects, and a story

today we made a pomander.  really easy to do.  all it takes is an orange, whole cloves, a screw driver or fork, ribbon, and a bag with ground cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, and cloves in any combination/quantity.  the first thing to do is jab holes into the orange with either the fork or screwdriver.  the holes are then filled with a clove a piece.  once the entire orange is covered, it goes into the bag and gets tossed.  then it is ribboned and hung to dry.  it mummifies while drying over two weeks and can then be hung anywhere: closet, car, bathroom, etc.

i completed my second knitting project, which was a hat that i knit on circular needles and finished off with four double pointed needles: tricky but it was finished and worn by everyone.  seems to fit all the children except for tenderfoot, it’s a wee bit snug on her.

little man spent today outdoors again, walking on the creek and thinking some more while watching the falling snow.  tenderfoot worked on needlefelting a snowman.  she’s thinking of stitching it onto heavy paper to turn into a card to give our friends who bring us wood and venison :0)

she’s been doing a lot of spellings, playing with letter blends like bl, ch, tr, gr, etc.  and reading, reading, and reading some more.  she has dreams featuring all the book characters in one long dream-story and they all live in the faraway tree ala enid blyton:  ma, pa, laura, marie, baby carrie (from little house on the prairie), amelia jane, elizabeth allen (from the naughtiest girl in school), jimmy (mr. galliano’s circus), and heaps more.  today i put a word on the chalkboard and asked her write a short story with that word in it.  the word was purple.  this is what she wrote.

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