second snow

i love winter.  the snow, the ice, the freeze, the cold nose, cheeks, and legs, and the warmth that gets built up by the body while outside in it.  it’s so incredible and different to any other time of year.  the second snow has fallen and the creek is not only frozen over in most places but now covered in soft mounds of powdery white.  we all went outside to play and marvelled at the different forms that water takes.  the creek provides year round learning fun, for now it is at the center of a work site in which heavy slabs of ice are removed and bridges formed and holes cracked in which to fill snow . . . . the snow is then seen floating under the bridge and out the other side, amazing!!  water water everywhere; winter: we walk on water, ice walk.  and sliding down in snow pants on the seat of ones butt, nothing like it :0) the car is now parked down the 1/3 mile driveway by the road, the driveway is snowed over.  so we walked down to put the mail out.  in the event anyone comes to pick it up, it’ll be there.  trudging through the snow makes a body so very hot and sweaty.  we eat the clean snow and look for tracks, lots of deer and cat prints, then a few which we wonder about, maybe fox or coyote?  not sharp enough to tell.  but how delightful to find the evidence of life moving about just as we do.


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