balloon craft

we’re preparing for our solstice walk.  this summer we made pinatas out of balloons, so using the same technique, we made lanterns to hold our candles.  later they might make nifty baskets.  the materials involved are:

  •  balloons
  • strips of newspaper
  •  elmer’s white glue
  •  a big mixing bowl,
  • water
  • colored tissue paper
  • string

first we blew up the balloons.  then we poured 4 cups of warm water into the mixing bowl and added 3 cups of glue, then swished it in thoroughly.  this mixture was used on 6 balloons.  start with less and mix more as you go along if you’d like and don’t be afraid to add more glue if it’s not sticky enough for you.  the newspaper strips were dunked in the paste and stuck on the balloons, we laid them on in many directions so they overlapped to make a thick layer when dry.  some of us slathered glue on the balloon and then stuck the newspaper on and so forth.  once sufficiently papered, for lanterns we focused on sturdy bottoms, we strung them and hung them up to dry.  it took ours three days.

once we’d played with them to our hearts content, we popped the balloons by poking them with sharp implements.  then we scissored the tops off about halfway through the balloons, more or less.  these made fun hats for a while.  the bottoms were covered with tissue paper, glued in the usual dab/squirt way.  then we made holes on the edges and hung them with yarn until the shortest day of the year comes around :0)

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