a week in crafts and lessons

we’ve spent the past week crafting, baking, and making gifts for people as we approach the end of the solar year.  mixed in have been self-motivated lessons, in which little man has excitedly demonstrated how he now knows G, B, A, C, and D.   he can draw them on the chalkboard, in string, with his fingers, body, blocks, stones, and pretty much anything he pleases, but what has him most excited is that he knows the sound they each make, so can identify them.  he went around bringing me objects that begin with those sounds for quite a while.  dice, dog, grater, arrow, apple, book, ball, carpet, candle, and so forth.

tenderfoot has been doing spellings, repetitively.  and number houses up to 3 places, subtraction and addition in the upstairs, downstairs, attic, and cellar format that we love, with borrowing and giving.  today she drew a map of our house in relation to all our neighbours.  and stormy and little bird, well they’ve been playing the days away . . . the new game they’ve come up with is called crocodile, snap snap snap!!!

this past week i thought i’d try out something new.  having been inspired by checkout girl’s felt pictures, i thought i’d try one out.  turns out that handling itty bitty felt pieces is a lot harder than i knew, even when pinned down.  it also turns out that running stitch does not constitute sufficient embroidery skill to be effective in attaching said teeny tiny felt pieces to fabric, well not in a way that is aesthetically pleasing enough to this eye.  however, i perservered and completed the picture, which i intend to gift to my mother . . .  it’s supposed to be her teaching  the children how to knit.  it turns out that it’s turned out a lot better than i expected!

while i busied myself, tenderfoot needlefelted a bird.  we saw this done in living crafts magazine, and she took right to it.  she stitched the completed picture onto a piece of heavy paper and has mailed it off to her aunt along with a knitted coin purse.

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