Turn turn turn around.  Mother Earth made another revolution around the sun.  She’s one turn older than before.  How does she age I wonder?  Does she get wrinkles?  Gray hair?  A slight bent to the shoulders that wasn’t there before?  How old is she anyway?  Do we have earthquakes when she coughs, shakes her bones, rolls over, changes?  Floods when she needs to bathe?  It’s amazing that we live on a living growing entity, that she is doing her own dance while we do ours upon her!  We got to wondering about her place in space.  Is she the heart or lung or liver of the entire galaxy?  And what about all the other planets within our realm of space?  Are they indeed ‘dead’  or is it that they are how they must be to fullfill their function within a certain wholeness that encompasses more than what we imagine ‘life’ to be?  So many questions . . . .

We rolled out candles during the day to use in our paper lanterns.  Then we went out and gathered pine trimmings, left behind by the folks who not only trimmed the trees beneath the electric lines but also helped me round up the duck and get him into the chicken run.  Now surely his chances of survival are pretty solid :0)  We laid out the pine branches in a spiral.  When it was dark we donned jackets and brought our unlit lanterns out and placed them in the inside point of the spiral.  Here they were lit and remained lit while we stood outside and sang a song that emerged spontaneously, about walking at night, only shining our inner light, into the spiral to bring out what shines.  We entered one by one and when we had all come back out with a lit lantern there was much movement and lanterns spinning and spiralling with streaks of light every which way.  It was decidedly fun!

Later in the night, after the children were cozily tucked up in bed and sleeping Laughing Fox and I went outside and looked at the stars for a while.  Perseus was dashing through the sky and Cassiopeia and Andromeda were out as well.  I love their story, in which Cassiopeia’s boast about her daughter, Andromeda, being more beautiful than anyone sets Poseidon into a rage.  He launches an attack against Ethiopia, where Cassiopeia is queen, and in order to stop demands that Andromeda be sacrificed.  Enter Perseus to the rescue.  This is a gross summarization of a tale filled with a lot more than these scantily presented ‘bones’, as it were!  As  a mother it always gives me pause when I’m feeling overwhelmingly proud of any of our children, for to look at a lesson presented by their tale it seems that pride can bring about consequences undreamt of to one’s own nearest and dearest.  Yet, without the set of events occuring as they did, Andromeda nd Perseus might never have had the life they did together nor would Perseus perhaps become who he did.  Some say the Persians are descended from their union.  Either way, I always enjoy seeing them up in the sky together.  As we headed inside we heard a couple of coyotes yowling at one another.  And Mother Earth revolved, Little Bird woke up, and together we went to sleep until the next bright shiny day dawned.

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