winter solstice along with a lunar eclipse on a full moon.  a new moon, first of 2011, year of the emperor, 4, the duad of 2 squared, along with a solar eclipse.  a time of dreams.  i had one, in which i was visited by our friend the wise man.  he arrived upon his white winged horse, bearing a birch staff; long white hair and beard flowing over his white robes, bushy white eyebrows bristling.  he told me this:

live your dream, dream to live.  but be certain that the dream is yours.  only then will it bear to fruition in a way of benefit to yourself and all creatures, despite the obstacles and challenges you might face.  these you will surmount, for they are yours and are neccessary to your dream being realized.  no matter the tedium or the despair you might feel, persevere through the dog days, the dark days, and explore your soul.  from its depths you will bring forth gifts that will help you in making your dreams bear fruit.  so dream, dream dreamer dream, and dance your dream into the light of day.  live it and love it and learn from it, for it is yours, from you and of you, and come what may, it will be yours to rise out of and into whilst awake.

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