playing in the snow

snow: it’s wonderful.  water that’s frozen, but not quite ice.  it’s fluffy, but hardens up and can be moved and built with.  really, it’s an amazing teacher. watching it fall is so incredible,  all that soft soft whiteness that somehow transforms the landscape and grows into so much.  and then there’s how quickly it vanishes, in the time it takes to move ones’ hand to eye to get a closer look at a flake: phoof! it’s gone.  flakes on eyelashes, flakes sneaking into our boots, hmmm:  soggy socks.

we’ve spent the last two days in and out receiving lessons from snow.  we’ve swum and rolled and somersaulted all over her white vast body.  we’ve slipped and slided and sledded down slopes covered with her.  we’ve been building a snow house and person slowly but surely.  some we did yesterday, filling soft snow in buckets and carrying them over to the work site.  then we discovered if we invert the contents and leave them standing for a few seconds, guess what?  they can be picked up and moved!!!  amazing.  yesterday’s work was easily knocked over. not so today.  what sat out overnight got crusty and hard and firm.  we’ve added pine trimmings from our new year’s spiral to make a roof and doorway.  we have to crawl into it  :0)

the snow too has changed.  we no longer need to use buckets of  inverted snow, it can easily be gathered and pressed and carried to wherever we take it.  so many discoveries to be made.  climbing snow covered trees, goodness they’re icy in ways we cannot see until we climb and slip!!  for now we are immersing ourselves in all this snow, experiencing it very fully, wetly, deliciously.  once it’s melted the play will change, the day will be new, and perhaps there will be crunchy ice puddles to stomp on :0)

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