knitted gnome doll pattern

when ella baker passed on, her daughter held an auction.  ella had been a waldorf teacher 30 or so years ago, and was also a master of the loom and mistress of the spinning wheel.  the auction was for all the items in her studio:  wheels, looms, wool, her own dyed wool samples with tags showing what the ingredients were, fabric strips, knitting needles, anything and everything related to spinning, weaving, and fabric arts.

i heard about the auction after it was over and was lucky enough to speak with ella’s daughter and go over to look through the leftovers:  treasures for me.  i filled my bags with lots of goodness, and then  her daughter showed me the folders with patterns, (dolls, puppets, animals, gnomes, and more) which i added to the bags.  at the time i couldn’t knit, but i knew the folders held jewels that perhaps i could use later.  and i now can.  one of the patterns was for a gnome doll.  i modified it to fit the bulky wool i have on hand, and here it is.  want one for yourself, your child, grandchild, or a friend but can’t knit or don’t have time to?  let me know and i can make one for you :0)

  • size ten knitting needles
  • main color bulkywool
  • flesh color bulky wool
  • contrast color bulky wool
  • wool batting
  • wool for eyes and mouth if you want them
  • wool for hair/beard
  • big eyed needle that can have wool threaded on it

Head and Body

cast on 20 stitches in main color.  knit 4 rows in main color.  switch to contrast color and knit 8 rows, switch back to main color and knit 9 rows.  switch to flesh color and knit 14 rows, then knit the last row decreasing by 1 on either end.  do not bind off.  instead cut the wool about 18″ away from the knitting needles and thread a sewing needle with this same wool.  pull the needle through the stitches and remove them from the knitting needle (they should now be on the wool).  pull to gather and stitch the seam down to the end.  leave the bottom open.  stuff with wool batting.  stitch through the ‘neck’ and gather it tightly.  stitch the bottom close.  using wool for eyes, sew two eyes on if you want a seeing doll.  if the doll wants lips, pick a color of wool you like and stitch them on too.  take the needle all the way through to the back of the head when sewing the eyes.  you now have the dolls’ head and body.



cast on 10 in the contrast color.  knit 12 rows, then switch to flesh color and knit 7 rows.  knit the last, 8th row, and decrease by 1 on either end.  again, don’t bind off but thread the sewing needle with the same wool (as above), pull through, gather and stitch down the side.  make two of these.  stuff the legs and stitch closed.  attatch to the body, be sure to take the needle through to the other side of the body while sewing.


cast on 9 stitches in main color.  knit 8 rows, switch to flesh color and knit 4 rows.  do not bind off, instead pull the threaded needle through as above, gather, stitch down the sides, stuff with batting, then stitch shut.  make 2.  attatch these arms to the body, pull the needle to the other side while sewing.


cast on 30 stitches in contrast color.  knit 12 rows then begin decreasing by 1 on either end until there is 1 stitch left.  thread the needle and pull it through the stitch, then stitch the seamas together.  you now have a hat with a point.  before sewing it onto the head, you can give the doll hair.  i made the hair by threading lots of wool on a needle, and sewing it on with big loops that i stitched over here and there to keep it on the head.  after you’ve made the hair, pull the hat on and sew it in place with wool.  your doll’s done, and can have a beard added on if desired :0) it’s appx. ten inches tall.

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  1. very cute pattern. Do you have any more knitted Waldolf doll patterns? I love the Waldolf doll. Thanks, Irma Plate


    1. Irma~~

      I looked through the folders I got at the auction and there’s pages of patterns, from knotted dolls to sock dolls to knitted dolls to finger puppets to stick puppets. Most are photocopied already. If you’d like them, email me at and we can swap addresses . … you can send me an SASE that I can mail them back to you in 🙂


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