puppy love



it seems like the world brings forth what must be, when the desire for it to be is strong, present, and truly felt.  take for example this incident of puppies . . . .

about two-three weeks  ago, laughing fox and i began seriously exploring the possibility of finding a puppy to join our tribe.  fox’s birthday was approaching, the question of a gift for him came up, and into his head popped: dog.  where from?  we initially thought about the breeding kennel in our county; they breed labradors and come highly reccomended by friends of ours.  so we called them and inquired as to pups.  yes they had some, we could take a look, etc.  we read up on labs.

then, days later, i saw an ad in the paper for great pyrenees puppies.  i called the number and discovered the puppies live on a working farm, where they’ve been used to chickens, goats, and children.  their parents keep the coyotes and foxes and raccoons at bay.  so we did some reading about the breed and decided that they’re a better fit for us than labradors from a kennel.  did more reading, discussing, energy toward dog charged, dedicated, purposefull.

fast forward to two days ago: a friend of ours called to ask  . . . . did we want a mixed great pyreneean puppy?  her friend’s great pyrenees has a litter of 11 nine week old puppies, and she’s giving them away.  the dad is either a boxer, hound, or terrier from the neighbouring community where she lives.  the pups have been around my friend’s friend’s five and seven year olds, their goats, sheep, chickens, and three adult dogs.  so, were we interested? hmmm, YES!!

we drove down to her house later in the day, and her friend drove up from where she lives with all the puppies.  we played with them for a few hours.  tenderfoot took to one right away,  little man to her brother.  so we ended up with two puppies instead of one :0)  we probably could have brough them all home, we chose not to, but i was reflecting on how when the universe gives it reallllly gives!  what we choose to do with it is another matter . . . . .

Comments welcome . . .

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