The An’s and Oo’s: a four day, word family lesson block

Inspired by a posting at Schooling From the Heart, I thought to have fun with Tenderfoot and word families too :0)  I started out with a very measly sort of narrative about the An family on the first day, and before long all the children were asking questions and adding to the narrative themselves, so it grew and grew until . . . .. …

We have the An family who live in a small, round, yellow house.  Paintings and pictures are hanging off the walls, ceilings, and doors.  Books tower up high in stacks with plants on top of them, mesh bags hold their clothes, they sleep on a top bunk and below is their dining table, under which are yet more boxes and bags:  it is very crowded, like being stuffed in a can, barely any room to stand!  They have a van with only the driver and passenger seats, and they even store some of their things in it from time to time.  It sits parked in their very small yard.

The An’s have no children, but next door live the Oo’s in their crooked, multi-colored house, with their two poodles and two boys, Boo and Hoo, who visit with the An’s alot.  Boo and Hoo especially love playing in the van and take turns to drive off to far away places, such as the moon where they talk moon speak in their darkened ship, all aglow with moonlight streaming off the flashlight.  They take turns atop the van too, when it becomes a castle, and armed with paper pellets and rubber bands they defend or capture the castle by climbing up the ladder: whoever runs out of pellets first is the victor.

On the second day, they wanted to talk more about Boo and Hoo and what sorts of things they might do.  So Little Man and Tenderfoot bounced ideas around, while cutting out paper to make their houses.  I had envisioned flat houses glued onto a larger sheet.  Tenderfoot surprised me by making them three dimensional and upright.  There was much merriment and giggling as the story grew alongside the An and Oo homes.

Day three saw Mrs. An and Mrs. Oo drive off in the van to go shopping at The Antique Room.  While we spoke, Tenderfoot made the van, I made poodles, and Little Man made Boo and Hoo.  So the women arrived at the store and each got a cart and began looking around.  Before long they had both spotted and reached out for the same candle.  To our great surprise, they began pulling and tugging at the candle, neither woman letting go or finding another way to resolve the problem.  Soon the candle broke and the shopkeeper came along to see them both standing there, half the candle in each woman’s hand!  Well, they promised to pay half the cost and apologized for their behaviour, and it was decided that Mrs. An would purchase those things that had ‘an’ in them, and Mrs. Oo those things with ‘oo’.

The women now went about filling their carts with things the children were thinking of: toy planes, farm animals, plants, lanterns, candles, handles, hangers, planks, books, boots, a broom, a stool, hooks, a door, balloons, and some tools.  Then they paid for their purchases and went to lunch at The Mellow Mushroom, where Mrs. An had banana pancakes that were fantastic!  Once home, Mrs. An helped Mrs. Oo unload and take her things into her house, then she too went home and took her things in.  Mr. An began hanging up the planks to hold the plants and candles that she had bought.  We assembled the houses, van, et al. onto a base and called it a day.

On the fourth day of this block, Tenderfoot colored houses for each family in her main lesson book.  She then wrote down the items that Mrs. An and Mrs. Oo had bought in their respective houses.  She counted up how many each woman had bought, and it was finito for the An’s and Oo’s :0)  Perhaps we’ll visit them again while discovering their neighbourhood . . . . .

Comments welcome . . .

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