planting trees and rainbows

planted four and five to go, planting trees is oh so slow, planting trees and watching them grow, watching trees is oh so slow!

this morning we planted some fruit trees behind our house: a stella cherry, a puget gold apricot, a seckel pear, and a red haven peach.  the beginnings of an orchard; we have a bosc pear, kaga and toka plums, cortland and golden russet apples, and six bluray blueberry bushes to go.

it takes some doing.  we laid newspaper down on the sites last fall and covered them with black plastic.  today we dug three foot wide holes, and it was easy digging with crumbly soil!  mixed a handful each of rock phosphate and bonemeal, and a bucket of leaf mold from the woods, into the soil.  mounded up some of it then laid the tree ontop, from the bucket of water in which it awaited, spreading the roots like a skirt on the mound.  poured water on top, then kept filling it in with dirt, watering as we went along until it was full.  walled the edges to prevent run off and caged them with eleven gauge welded wire fencing, six feet high, to keep the deer and dogs off them.  and now we wait and see what they do.  they’re on north facing slopes, which i’ve been told is where to plant them in our climate to accomodate for slower emerging in the spring in order to protect them from sudden late frosts that creep through here.

the rest of the past few weeks have been  spent in the garden. found a mystery bug,  black and gold, under the mulberry tree by the old house down our driveway: home to an ancient lilac, elderberries, horseradish, rhubarb, hops, blackberries, and daylilies.  we’ve transplanted three lilac suckers in our garden, along with some hops and rhubarb.  the children have been busy in the old garden to the old house, which is now a pine garden and home to their ‘hideout’, made of sticks, bark, and pine needles.  they’ve planted daylilies and wild irises here and there about it.

inbetween garden time there’s been lots of rain and wind.  howling wind, aaaooooooooooo, wwoooooo.  a tree fell across our driveway and our neighbour chained it to the back of his truck and pulled it away.  then came the torrential downpour and the creek raged, roared, swelled, and burst its banks in the middle of the driveway, all around and over the pipes that take it from one side to the other.  the driveway is rutted, more so than it already was.  it looked like a creek, as we walked down to the mailbox between storms.  came back to a rainbow arching behind the house and sunny rain :0)  and now everything is emerging: mint, milkweed, coltsfoot flowers, nettles, mayapples, and more.  time to take two on planting trees, so off i go . . . .

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