dandelion syrup

ah dandelion.  sunshine flower, lion’s teeth.  how we’ve been enjoying you.  your green leaves chopped up in salads, with violets, cleavers, chickweed, bee balm, and chicory are tangy, and sauteed with garlic send a shiver deep down into the belly.  your flowers are steeping in oilve oil, to rub on aching muscles and hands after a good day of digging and planting the garden.  now you’re beginning to open up into seed sending globes, and we help you spread far and wide as we twirl and blow you hither and thither.  we thank you and your friends :0)  yummiest of all are your blossoms as a syrup.

the recipe, from Susun Weed’s wonderful book, Healing Wise:

2 quarts dandelion blossoms, 1 quart cold water,  1 quart sugar, 1 whole lemon sliced, 1 whole orange sliced

bring the blossoms and water to a boil, cover, turn off stove, and steep overnight.  strain, pour water over another quart blossoms, add a bit more water, boil.  turn off stove, cover, and steep till cool.  strain.  pour blossom water back into pot, add sugar and citrus slices, cook uncovered till thick like honey.  remove citrus and eat them up!  bottle syrup and enjoy on crepes, pancakes, or any number of other ways.  yummmmmeeee in the tummeee!

we’ve been busy with our green friends by the creek over the past two weeks.  we go to play by the waterfall on the driveway, basket in hand, and come back laden with nettles to cook and tincture, or horsetail to drink and tincture; never empty handed.  the bounty is full and tasty, leaving us satisfied and springy :0)  best of all: garlicky nettles and morels over crepes.  the lilacs are in bloom and so sweet smelling.  the butterflies cover the petals, along with bees, and we all gather under the bush to laze away in the shady fragrance.  we’re collecting petals every morning, to pack in a jar of vodka and see if we can capture the scent for later.  the liquid gets strained when the petals turn white, new petals are placed in the jar, and covered with the same liquid.  we’ll do this till the blossoms blow away and see what turns out :0)  ah it’s so dandy when our green friends are near at hand!

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