The Woman Who Was Afraid of Anything . . . . by Tenderfoot

Once apon a time there lived a woman.  She was afraid of anything orange. Here’s how it happened.

One day she was driving her car. There was a car in front of her. The car had some children who were peeling oranges and throwing the peels out the window. The orange peels were hitting the glass to her car. She got out of the car to wipe off the peels. She looked at her hand and said, I am never eating or drinking oranges ever again!

One day she was invited to a wedding party.  She had to eat what was put on her plate.  Everything on her plate was orange.  She pushed her plate away and left the wedding party.  One day she saw that everything was orange.  She ran all the way to Rome screaming.  Everything was still orange.  Suddenly she saw that she had been screaming for so long she had gone bloodshot, and everything was green.  She hated green for the rest of her life.  She never ever ate an apple again.


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  1. yes, enormous flashing leaps, all the way from ohio to greece to rome, flying through orange haze into green, then suddenly: apple? layla informs us to fill the gap for ourselves :0) i got to listen to her tell it, and the telling is utterly hilarious.


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