Primrose in the Cave by Tenderfoot

Once upon a time there lived a girl. The girls name was Primrose. She was 9 years old. 1 day she was walking in the woods. She saw an arrow come sailing over the trees. It landed in a circle of trees. A man all in green came and pulled the arrow out of the ground. Primrose watched him remove a piece of paper from the arrow and read it. The man shot an arrow off his bow and disappeared. Primrose ran after the arrow. She saw it land in a clearing; another man dressed in green came to answer it. He picked up the arrow and blew a horn. He put the arrow in his quiver then walked away. Primrose followed him. She saw him go to a clearing, and go into a cave. In a few minutes he came out again. Primrose watched him make a fire and cook some meat. The man put the meat in a bowl and disappeared with it. Primrose snuck after him. The man put the bowl on a tray and carried it away. She saw a name carved into the cave wall. It said Robin Hood. Primrose was mystified because she thought Robin Hood was just a story in a book. She saw another poster on the wall. This poster said Maid Marin. Primrose was in the old times.

Suddenly she saw the man whose name was Robin Hood. Behind him was a woman. The woman was Maid Marin. Primrose hid in the shadows. The man and woman went by. Primrose slipped deeper into the cave. She walked deeper into the cave. Suddenly Primrose saw a curtain of lace. She pushed it aside. Inside she saw a pitcher and a bag. Primrose went and opened the bag. Inside she saw a box and inside the box she saw a crystal. It was a lovely crystal. Primrose decided not to leave yet but to look in a few more places before leaving. Primrose went out of the room she was in. She left the room how she had left it, so no one would know she had been in it. Then she walked down the passage she had come. As Primrose passed through the passage she saw a latch in the floor. Primrose pulled up the latch, underneath there was a staircase. Primrose went down and closed the trapdoor. She went down and down and down. Finally she came to the bottom of the staircase. There was a lantern hanging on a hook. Primrose took the lantern and went on. It got darker and darker until it was so dark you could only see the lantern light on the floor and walls. Primrose was getting bored so she turned around and put the lantern back on the hook, and walked back up the staircase, and opened the trapdoor. Then she walked down the passage and then she went to the cave door and through the woods and back home for DINNER. She was really HUNGRY.

The End.

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