Garden Plan 2012

These cloudy and at times rainy January days have seen us bringing in horse manure from a friends stable, taking seed inventory, and ordering those that we are out of.  The damp, fresh smelling earth has us longing for spring and dreaming of where to plant everything, other than the strawberries, asparagus, raspberries, rhubarb, and perennials which stay in place.  Also the chicory, dandelion, lambs quarters, purslane, queen anne’s lace, and yarrow, which surround the edges of the garden, as well as bits here and there that we don’t weed out as they’re beneficial to all of us (humans, bugs, birds, etc.)

So I sketched up a garden plan to use as a guideline and tacked it on a wall . . . .  did this last year and it made planting much simpler than when we’d stand in the empty field with transplants and seeds, wondering where to put them!!  This way we could tackle the big space block by block, working our way through smaller spaces within the whole, changing as we went along.  Thought I’d make the garden plan in photoshop to share here :0)




4 thoughts on “Garden Plan 2012

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    1. what a beautiful mama and baby :0) you’re welcome. the plan of course is already changing in my head, but it’s fun to have workable beds with sort of an idea of what to put in them.


  1. this is really great, thanks for posting the gaden plan, is so helpful for even my planting in my pots or yard.
    Tulsi is basil I presume?


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