Flower Essence (Bloodroot)

Bloodroot has been catching my eye this past week, quite persistently.  Little and low to the ground, there’s something very determined and cheerful about Bloodroot.  White petals and yolk yellow dotty middles, they open and close and open every day, the leaves curled up around the stems like a cape.

I felt an urge to make a flower essence with a few of the flowers, so one morning, before the sun was hot and at its brightest, we all set out with a glass jar.  Bloodroot grows prolifically on a bank beside the creek, where we filled water, and picked several flowers from where they grew in large numbers, being mindful not to let our shadows fall upon them.  We poured a 1/4 cup of water from the jar into a shallow glass bowl, and covered the water’s surface with the flowers.  These were brought home and put in a sunny spot for 5 hours, enough time for water and bloodroot to marry.

I picked out the petals and poured Bloodroot Mother Essence with an equal part brandy into a clean bottle.  I then put 9 drops of this into a 1 oz. tincture bottle that was filled with a mixture of half a part brandy and half a part water first.  Once capped, the bottle was shaken for a little bit.  This is the Stock Water.  I took 2 drops of this and put it in yet another clean 1 oz. tincture bottle, added 1 teaspoon of brandy, and then filled it with more spring water.  Capped, this too was shaken.  And this is Bloodroot Flower Essence that I partook of and will partake of until Bloodroot says, no more . . . . . this method can be used for making flower essences with different flowers.  I’m curious to see what calls to me this year and what they all have to say!

The Mother, Stock, and Flower Essences made this way keep for quite a long time, but it’s best to make a small amount at a time . . . .  I like this way as it means I’m using what I make and picking very little of what’s given.  Keep in mind that the 1/4 cup of water goes a long way at 2 drops at a time in making the final essence, I’ll probably start with 1/8 cup next time.  Also, always gather wildflowers from a spot that is ABUNDANT (as in at least 200 or more plants in an area, that way they have enough vitality to share a bit with you without endangering themselves) and always pick flowers from more than one plant.

What flowers are calling you these days?  Even if you cannot make flower essence married with water and light, just meditating on or being in company with flowers provides an essential interlude that is balm for the soul.

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  1. i am trying to make mine with the nargis flowers that have bloomed in abundance this time, and smell oh so delicious, perfume like. love the smell of those flowers. so lets see what I can achieve with this


    1. the traditional dose for flower essences is 4 drops in a small glass of water, 4 times a day, though splashing it on your face (nape of neck even) is a lovely way to partake too 🙂


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