Pickled turnips

We like turnips in apple soup. We like them mashed with carrots. Also steamed, then sautéed in butter with garlic and honey, kind of caramelized. Having partaken of turnips in these ways and still there’s turnips left, the last ones pulled actually; I thought I’d pickle them for later. Here’s what I did:

Peeled and quartered approximately 2 dozen turnips
Peeled and quartered 6 beets, they were small to medium sized
Peeled 8 garlic cloves
Chopped a handful of celery leaves
Boiled 2 cups water with 2 cups apple cider vinegar plus 1 tbsp. sea salt and ½ cup honey
Washed 2 quart jars

I layered the jars with beets, turnips, garlic, and the celery leaves, repeating till each jar was full. Then I poured the hot vinegar/water mixture over top, right till the rims and capped the jars. Now they’re sitting in the basement, waiting at least 3 weeks before we open them up. We’ll probably wait till winter to do so.  Once they’re opened, they’ll go in the fridge until finished.

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