Little Spider’s First Web

The week began with our circle, which was interrupted by our dog Clover barking fiercely.  By the creek were three bear hunting dogs (it’s chase season), and she promptly chased them all away 🙂 There was much excitement for a while!!  The story for the week was Little Spider Weaves A Web, told on the first day.  This rhythm seems to work really well, coming in from circle time to the telling of a story.  Everyone is fresh and ready to listen, and the story sets the tone for the rest of the week.  After the story was over Little Man spelt out the names of all the different people in the story:  spider, bee, fly, ant, etc. with the wooden alphabets.  Tenderfoot illustrated it and wrote a brief summary.  Stormy made wax butterflies, then painted.  Little Bird and I went outside to look for butterflies, crickets, spider webs, and ants.  We found all, as well as mushrooms and even heard a bird singing.  Came back in and cut strips of paper with which Tenderfoot did weaving, and the younger two girls used for gluing pictures of weavings.  Little Man was ‘practicing’ his illustration, after which we got a small fire going and cooked eggs over it along with some corn.

Second day we had our circle, played a game of Oranges and Lemons, then inside where we recapped the story and had a lively discussion about all the people it features:  where they live, what they eat, how they look, if they are many types of each one, what they do, how things would change if they weren’t around, and so on.  Everyone engaged in this, after which Tenderfoot and Stormy made tissue paper flowers and Little Bird did more weaving-pictures with paper and glue.  Little Man worked on his illustration in his Main Lesson Book.  When we were done we went by the pond and scattered stale bread for the koi to eat.  Clover hunted cicadas, she loves them!

Third day we looked for all the people from the story on the way to the schoolhouse, discussing what we were seeing along the way.  After circle Tenderfoot and Little Man worked on forms, and Stormy decided she was going to see if she could copy the alphabet into her book (it’s tacked up on the wall) . . . .  she could and she did and was pleased as punch even if she has no idea what they are!  Little Man made some flowers after he was done form drawing, and Tenderfoot wrote about the different insects and what she knows about them.  Went outside and looked for more forms, walked them, and scratched them into the flattened sawdust by the pond.  Ate our lunch right there and played for a while . . . . jumping over logs and boards and hide and seek . . . . before heading home.

Fourth day began with circle, then inside where Little Man practiced forms on chalkboard.  We had a discussion about ripples and boats as he worked, with the forms illustrating what he was saying about boats looking bigger close to land then getting smaller as they sailed further away.  He then showed me what stones skipping on water look like, what the wind does to water, and what a rock thrown in does; it was quite fun.  Stormy was needle felting the whole time and Tenderfoot was making forms on a board outside with pine needles, sticks, sawdust, and other materials.  Little Bird was fluttering about between outside and inside.  She and Stormy went back home after we had our lunch.  Tenderfoot and I had a grand time saying tongue twisters out loud . . . . .  six sick slick sycamore saplings and so on . . . while Little Man practiced handwriting in a penmanship book.

Wrapped up the week with Tenderfoot and Little Man entering the forms in their Form Drawing Books, handwriting and spelling practice for each of them, and a morning of outdoor games, rope jumping, and painting with Stormy and Little Bird.  Then we offed and away to dig out potatoes.

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