Casa Unruly

Warm fall days, mmmm.  I was invited to the ‘hideout’ by the children yesterday.  It’s their space in the pine woods, made entirely by them over two years now . . . . it started out with a teepee of sticks and pine needle thatching, but has since changed and continues to change.  They’ve salvaged usable ‘junk’ from the brokedown palace and barn on our driveway to outfit their hideout with a woodstove, furniture, and assorted things like buckets and chimney caps that they keep stored in the ‘shed’.  There’s even a chain and lock around a tree to shackle ‘princesses’ to, who then wait to be rescued (and sometimes are forgotten as their storylines change, so they have to rescue themselves ;).  Yesterday I was the visiting granny, who had to keep an eye out for wolves while the baby slept in a bed of pine needles, and of course told stories to the ‘children’ (Tenderfoot was their mama).  Here’s a little glimpse into our world . . . .

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