Spring Sessions

Between moments in the garden picking strawberries and peas, attending to mulch and weeding, and working on a wikkiup together, we found space today to make spirit dolls:  myself, Stormy, and Tenderfoot.  I’d been making them on and off since the winter; once my mother and Tenderfoot joined in, and once Stormy did, but today the girls wanted for all three of us to make them together, so we did.

All the sticks gathered in the past were brought to the table, along with pinecones, dried strawflowers, shells, and bins with wool roving, embroidery thread, needles, scrap cloth, and more.  Then we picked the faces we were going to use . . .  some we had made over the winter with polymer clay and some we got from my sister.  Once the matter of faces was settled, we began the earnest work of creation, to the music of musing, chatter, giggles, and humming.  How busy our hands were!  A couple of hours later, our hearts were full and our dolls complete; adorned, bedecked, bejeweled, and ready to hang up.

Afterward we discovered Little Man and Little Bird had busied their hands by weeding out the cold frame to plant a garden of their own:  they’ve seeded it with watermelon and honeydew seeds, which came from the fruit they ate while the rest of us were creating 🙂

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