Using My Sword

Did I mention I have a sword?  It has a long silver blade and a hilt with blue gems embedded in it. It also has the words ‘Until lambs become lions, rise and rise again’ on it.

I have discovered that gems on your hilt can get annoying and so can wearing rings when using it because they bite into your flesh and make you  lose your holding on the hilt.

I go and practice with my sword almost every day. I usually wear my cloak to go. I do not hack at anything with it for the blade is dull and doing so would nick and scratch the blade. I just pretend their is an opponent in front of me and parry imaginary blows. I go down a long stretch right handed, between an old gas holder and a ruined barn, and come back up left handed so each arm gets equal practice. I am equally good with both hands now. I can roll with my sword and dance with it as well.

It is such to grip the hilt and pull it from its sheath and use it, feeling the metal in my hands and hearing it whistle through the air and actually feel the weight of a real sword, unlike wooden ones which are a good deal lighter then a metal sword.

I have attempted to run through the woods with the sword on and that is not as easy as it sounds in books or looks in movies! However I am fairly good with running through the woods, drawing it and then using it for a little bit before returning to its trusty sheath. It is quite fun!


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    1. I am happy that you could see the picture in your mind with out a picture to show you what exactly the sword looks like. Glad you liked it.

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