It was one day that I heard our dog, Clover barking and so I walked toward the door of our house and looked out. I did not see any thing but I did hear some squawking and the flapping of wings.

Then I saw some shadows passing over the ground. It was a sunny day and shadows show easily on sunny days. I looked up and saw the  big black vultures flying across the sky! They were wheeling and swooping across the blue sky. Our dog, Clover was chasing them, running along underneath them in their shadows.

It was then that I noticed yet a third vulture sitting quietly in a tall pine tree, just a small black figure on a long branch. I simply stood in the door way and watched them circle around the house refusing to leave with Clover running underneath them. I determined having their pictures taken but waited a little longer.

The vulture in the tree did not join the flying vultures. It just sat there and watched.

I got clear views of the vultures bare pink heads and their bushy bodies and their feathery wings spread out to catch the air. They sort of flapped their wings and glided for a minute and then flapped them again and repeated the process over and over. They flew over the trees and then came back and did the same again.

Eventually I called my brother and he took pictures of them but that was not the same as actually watching them fly!  Once my brother and sisters arrived and shouted and oohed and aahed the vultures flew away over the trees with the third vulture regretfully following them, or at least that was how I felt.  As I stood watching them I could almost feel like I too was flying! It was very exciting.

Later when I went down to the woods where I heard the squawking and flapping I smelt rotting meat. Maybe that was why the vultures were in the woods and Clover smelt the meat and vultures and went to inspect the smell?


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