Have I ever mentioned that I like scary dreams, movies, and stories? Well, I do! I have often had dreams and nightmares and woken up from them shivering with fright.

Once I woke up from a dream and saw a book with fluttering pages and a feathery dream catcher glowing all over with greenish light.  At first I thought it was my brother playing a trick on me but as the pages fluttered and the light disappeared I realized that it could not be him and it could only be a dream. I knew I was awake so maybe I can see dreams in the air? Maybe that dream was going to float into my head?  That I do not know the answer to.

Another time I dreamed about a race car racing up a street cast over with red light from a fabulous sunset. Someone poked a gun out the window and shot a lone figure standing on the sidewalk before racing off with laughter floating out of the windows. I woke up then and could not get back into the dream. I would have liked to know more about that dream for it was like a snippet.

Another time I had a dream in which music filled my head and there was a black and a yellow teddy bear in a house along with a baby crib. There was a woman who was coming  to see the baby but by the time the doorbell rang, I woke up.

Sometimes awakening from a dream  is annoying when the dream is interesting and action filled.

I like to dream about fantasy stories and scenes. Sometimes I dream about waterfalls and lakes with rainbows dancing on them.

Once I dreamed about a woman running through a forest with a bow and arrow.

Another time a mermaid and a waterfall. Several times I have seen what is going on in other far away places. The forming of a magical power!

I often thought that you only had dreams at night when your eyes were closed because the dreams formed on the insides of your eyelids. But then you also have daydreams, which I have all the time.

I think daydreams form in the air instead of in your eyelids..

I think that dreams shape your life and that is why I dream a lot.


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