spring through fall

the pond and creek have been the source of joyful leaping bounteous play all year.  with the spring rains the creek filled up and as it became warmer outside the children found themselves drawn to the water often.  they worked together to dam up a goodly sized pool space that they removed rocks and leaves from . . .. the newts underneath were moved upstream to leafy mucky spots similar to the habitat they were found in.  eventually monkey eyes got some garden hose and set up a siphon out of the pond.  this was used to make a slippy slide with leftover greenhouse material to the pool in the creek.  then summer came along and with hardly any rain the creek reduced to the spring fed flow and the children turned to the pond for their activities  . . ..  snake hunting, wading, log floating, fishing for koi, and frog catching soon turned into leaping into the deep end and swimming.  now its almost winter and the rain and snow melts have filled the creek again.  the children are out floating their dolls and fishing for leaves with sticks by the waterside.  when it freezes they walk on the icy slip and slide, and when they freeze it’s back inside to a warm house 🙂

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