sOlsTice stollen . … part 3

have you been following our stollening day?  well, while the fruited dough rose, the baby nursed and napped and i read some more of the hunchback’s tale from Arabian nights to the children . . . haven’t read it?  briefly goes something like this:

a tailor and his wife pick up a hunchback on their way home one night and feed him something that he chokes and dies on.  they rush his body to the doctors’, ring the doorbell, ask the servant to fetch the doc to treat their sick child, and stash the body in the dark stairwell while she goes to fetch the dr. . . . who stumbles and trips on the body, which goes rolling downstairs, so the dr. thinks he’s killed him.  what does he do with the body?  hide it in a dark spot in the neighbours’ yard.  egads!  he finds a man lurking in his yard, thinks he’s the thief that’s been stealing his meat and bops him on the head . .. well to his horror the bop “kills” the fellow, so he takes the body to a vacant lot out in the city where a drunkard broker comes along and as he’s going to relieve himself in said vacant lot he notices the other person . . . . who “might” rob him of his turban, so he preventatively attacks him and as you can now guess, woe betide! believes that he has killed the man and before he can run off with the corpse the city guard come along and arrest him.  sadly the body is that of the sultan’s favorite hunchback/fool and the broker is sentenced to death . . .. just as he is to be executed the fellow who “killed” him before the broker comes along and confesses . . . so he is to hang instead when the doctor says no no i did it!!, and finally the tailor fesses up . . . .the sultan sentences them all to die when the drunkard claims to have a better tale to tell . . . .so if you want to know the tales of these four fellows, please borrow an unabridged arabian nights from your library and flip to the hunchback’s tale, where you will discover that there are more tales after these fine fools are done with theirs!  the king was not amused enough to pardon them and thus far we read up to the tailors tale which has segued into the barber’s tale of himself and his six brothers . . . and then it was time to shape the stollen!!  after that we went on a walk and talked about the twists and turns in the hunchback’s tale, while at home the shaped rolls rose.

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