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    1. thanks! will take a look at your other site too, the weekend has started off with a shining warm glow; incredible weather! hope yours is swell 🙂
      . . . . btw, how could you tell the photo was cropped?


      1. So glad to hear you are having a great time together this weekend 😉 By the way, I just shared a new sourdough starter with your mother. I’m going to work through the book flour, water, salt and yeast (may have the words in the title out of order) and I’ve begun a rye starter which is very active. If you would like a division, please just ask. I assumed your photo was cropped as I crop nearly all of mine to select just the best part 😉 Best wishes with you project to be with your sister when her first child arrives. We will send a gift through your mother to help with your trip. We were so very sorry you weren’t able to make the trip last spring, and look forward to your re-union with her soon. She needs you now more than ever. Love, E


      2. oh hurray for sourdough starter! i started mine last year with wild yeast from the atmosphere and it’s still going strong 🙂 it makes delicious waffle batter too, just have to soak appx. 2 cups flour/ 1 tbsp.starter/ 2 cups milk overnight then add 2 eggs and 1/2 tbsp. baking powder the next day . . .. the kids make these as waffles or pancakes. and sourdough carrot cake, mmmmm!! the kids joke me about putting starter in everything . . ..thanks for the good wishes, we are getting very excited to make our upcoming journey and can hardly wait to be with shazi:) can’t believe that layla, my firstborn, will be at shazi’s first birth as layla was shazi’s first, there’s a circularity to it that’s magical. a road map is going to be thoroughly thumbed through in the near future. well, i’m jumping the gun as the saying goes as we’ve yet to save funds but i figure if i believe it then it’ll manifest ❤


      3. You are absolutely correct. Give thanks and appreciation as though the funds were in your hands already. Visualize your presence there with Shazi and know it will come to pass. Thank you for the pancake recipe! Sounds similiar to a “Christmas morning waffle” recipe I used to make when my daughter was little. You started it the night before, finishing with eggs, etc. just before cooking on Christmas morning. My recipe didn’t use starter, though, and I’m anxious to try yours with it. I was given a new pancake griddle yesterday so it is meant to be ! Love and best wishes, E

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