The Octopus and the Mermaid

Once there was an octopus and, unlike other octopus’s, he had 10 tentacles. Because of this, the other octopus’s that lived in the ocean laughed at him and called him a devil octopus. He was deformed, they said.

Unable to bear the insults, Ynitsed, for that was his name, retreated away from his brothers and sisters and went to live in a deep dark cave and hide himself from the light so that no one could laugh and jeer at him.

While his brothers and sisters grew bigger and bigger and sank ships and played with the dead sailors bodies, Ynitsed brooded over his extra tentacles and hid himself from the light.

Now one day a pretty mermaid named Erutuf who had three fins instead of two happened to be searching for a place to hide so that no one could tease her about her extra fin, found Ynitsed’s cave and, thinking it empty, dove inside.

There she found Ynitsed lamenting over his extra tentacles.

For once Ynitsed was surprised that she said nothing about his extra tentacles and Erutuf was surprised that he said nothing about her extra fin. They just stared at each other, Ynitsed’s tentacles waving and Erutuf’s fins fluttering.

Finally Ynitsed asked,”Why are you here, pretty mermaid?”

“I was looking for a place to hide,”Erutuf replied truthfully, “Because i have an extra fin and i do not like to be teased about it. Why are you here?”

“I have two extra tentacles,”Ynitsed replied sadly, “I do not like to be teased either. You are lucky to have just one extra fin and not two!”

“I have an idea,” Erutuf said at last,”Since we both have extra parts, let us stay together and live. I overheard my sisters talking about a place called the Pool of Destiny where wishes are granted. Let us go there and wish our extra parts away.”

Ynitsed agreed upon this idea and so they set off, instinct driving them North.

They passed their brothers and sisters playing happily. They ignored the jeers and laughter and swam on.

Then suddenly the water came to an end and the only thing ahead of them was a narrow chasm with sea water flowing through it.

Ynitsed grabbed Erutuf in his extra tentacles and started up out of the water, using his eight other arms and legs to pull himself up and along the cliff wall that rose up out of the sea.

Erutuf was terribly frightened but she held on tightly and closed her eyes. When she opened them at last, Ynitsed had reached the end of the chasm.

Ynitsed dropped into the sea with her again and they swam on, followed by three curious Leather back turtles.

Soon the water got murky and black and filled up with dark shapes and crackling electricity. The Octopus and the mermaid swam on, trying to push away their fears. Once Erutuf was touched by one of the dark shapes and she screamed but Ynitsed pushed it away.

Finally they emerged into the light and came face to face with a crooked, spindly sea crone with curling nails and black teeth.

“You must pay the price to pass into the Sacred Passage,”She croaked.

Ynitsed cut off one of his extra tentacles and have it to her. She seemed satisfied with this and let them pass.

They soon reached a shallow beach.

“I shall have to stay here,” Erutuf said sadly,”I will dry out if i stay on land to long and i cannot walk.”

Ynitsed picked her up in his tentacles and walked up onto the beach. He  swung back and forth on his seven curled up feet.

He went around a big stone wall and up a cliff, Erutuf clinging onto him for dear life.

When he reached the top, he saw a second crone.

“You must pay the price to enter the Sacred Grove,” She croaked.

Ynitsed cut off his second extra tentacle and gave it to her. She seemed satisfied with this and let them pass.

They soon reached a circle of tall cliffs, so tall Ynitsed knew he would never make it to the top. At the bottom was an old crone. She grinned at them with jagged teeth.

“You must pay the price to enter the Cove of the Pool of Destiny,”She croaked.

Ynitsed’s and Erutuf’s hearts leaped. So this was the Cove of the Pool of Destiny. They had reached it!

Erutuf cut off her extra fin and the crone opened a door in the cliff wall and let them pass.

”You only get one wish!”She called after them,”Be careful what you wish for!” And she cackled to herself.

The Cove of the pool of Destiny was plain. Right in the center was a pool of water reflecting the sky. Sitting by it was a beautiful woman, her hands spread out over the pool.

”Wish,”She said,”And your wish will be granted.”

Ynitsed and Erutuf looked at each other. They no longer had their extra tentacles and fin. They had given them up to get to the Pool. They thought.

“We wish,”Said Ynitsed slowly, “that we could live in a place open to all that live around us where we will be happy.”

The Woman smiled, “granted.”

The walls around the Pool crumbled. Grass and flowers sprang up covered in clear water. The water flooded into the sea, washing away the old crone and all the rock and dust. The old woman disappeared. The Cove of the Pool of Destiny had become a sea forest with coral reefs and sea anemone and clown fish.

The Leather Back turtles came, the mermaids came, the octopuses came, all the sea creatures for miles around came to live in the Secret Cove of Happiness.

And so Destiny and Future lived there in the Secret Cove of Happiness, their wish granted:

The Secret Cove of Happiness was a place that Destiny and Future could live in happily and it was now open to all around Them. They and the Creatures of the Cove lived happily in between earth and sky, sun and moon, water and air.

In the Secret Cove of Happiness.

The End

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