Blue Witch

Blue Witch was very small. She was no bigger then 2 1\2 feet tall. All the other witches were much taller. They towered above her and she hated it! She hated being small.

She was the Witch of Blue, the fifth witch of the Rainbow Witches. Her sisters towered above her and laughed because she was small.

Blue Witch wore the feathers of bluejays and blue birds and herons and peacocks  and sometimes even the blue eyeballs of a cat or, if she was lucky, the tail of a blue dog, a rare find in her part of the Rainbow home. She wore blue iris earrings and blue trout skin gloves and skulls and teeth and a blue staff and she even had a bottle filled with blue sky. her hair was blue. Her nails were blue. Her eyes were blue. Everything about her was blue and she was small.

One day she decided that she was done being small. She wanted to be big. So she gathered up her pets, Blue Hawk, Blue Wolf and Blue Seal and set off in search of bigness.

She passed through the Blue Forest and started out over Green’s plains, plains that stretched for as far as the eye could see. Dotted with green ferns and bushes they were, a color that Blue Witch stuck out in most brilliantly.

She walked on, so small was she that she was barely taller the Blue Wolf who stalked along beside her. Blue Hawk flew above her in the Green sky and Blue Seal skimmed along on the sky that Blue Witch released from her pot.

Blue Witch was shorter then the ferns she passed. She looked up at their heads and wished she was that tall. then she fell into a rabbit hole for she was not looking at the ground.

A large  Green rabbit chased her down the hole. The rabbit was also bigger then her. Blue witch fled down the tunnel, the Green rabbit right behind her.

Blue Witch came to a cross tunnel and darted down the left one. Green rabbit went down to right tunnel and Blue Witch leaned against the wall panting.

Now she was all alone, Blue Hawk and Blue Wolf and Blue Seal were not with her any longer.

She started to walk down the tunnel, afraid that Green rabbit might come and find her.

The tunnel was green and filled with green moss and green leaves and green nuts. The sacks of nuts were taller then her. The piles of moss were taller then her. The green leaves were piled up taller then her. She looked dwarfed in such a room where she was so small and everything else was so big. She hated it and felt sad.

But then she realized that it could have been worse. If she had been bigger, she would have gotten stuck in the tunnel and the rabbit would have got her. Or she might have trampled all the plants and Blue Witch did not like hurting plants.So she brightened up and walked on.

She came to the end of the tunnel. Above her was the hole to the earth and she was to short to reach it. If ONLY she was taller she could have gotten out . . . . . .

Then the furry snout of Blue Wolf reached down and gently picked her up and pulled her out of the hole. He had followed her scent above ground and had ended up right where she was.

Blue Witch hugged him joyfully and then set off again in search of bigness.

She had learned that to be small was good when you were stuck in rabbit holes. But she still wanted to be big.

She climbed over hills and rode Blue Seal across rivers and over large lakes.

She reached Yellow’s domain. Every thing was yellow. Big cats roamed the ground, cats much bigger then her. Yellow finches flew in the yellow sky. Yellow flowers grew every where she looked. The grass and sky were yellow.

Blue Witch did not want to cross Yellow’s domain, with its big cats that could eat her up and she was to blue to hide. She was just about to turn back when Blue Hawk gave a shrill screech and dove into the midst of the cats! As the cats turned to grab him, Blue Hawk flew away, the cats snarling and chasing him.

Blue Witch ran as fast as she could, the big branches and brush were not a problem to her. She ran right under the and, being so small, no one noticed her and she was very fast.

When the danger was over, Blue Hawk returned to her, puffed up proudly and missing feathers. He had been in a fight  and had come out victorious. He was very proud.

Blue Witch had learned that to be small was to be fast and big things did not get in the way.

She set out over Orange’s Orchards, eating juicy oranges along the way.

There were brilliantly colored parrots and lizards and frogs in the trees and on the ground. They looked at her and croaked loudly. Orange and black tigers came to see who the trespasser was.

Blue Witch was very frightened and quickly climbed up onto the thinnest branches of the orange tree. When the tigers tried to reach her, they fell down because they were to big and heavy.

Blue Witch climbed down and hooped onto Blue Wolf. He carried her swiftly away from the tigers.

She had learned that to be small was to be light and she could get into places no one else could.

They entered Red’s burning hot desert. Blue Seal cooled her off with water from his whiskers. The landscape was red and burned and barren. Blue Witch did not like it here. Red scorpions scuttled along the sand and Lobsters and crabs wandered around in pools.
Blue Witch was hardly noticed, she was so small.

She climbed over a mountain and fell into Indigo’s valley. Indigo’s valley was indigo and everything was indigo: The trees, the grass, the sky, everything.
Blue Witch walked over a frozen indigo lake with very thin ice. Blue Witch was so light, the ice did not break.

By the time she reached Violet’s Lake, she was very happy.

Blue Seal took her and Blue wolf across the lake. She stepped into her own Forest and went to her Blue house.
She sat down to a cup of Blue Bell tea, her favorite, very happy.
Blue Wolf lay at her feet. Blue Hawk perched on her chair. Blue Seal swam around in his little pool.
Blue witch decided she liked being small after all.
The End

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