Sleeping Ship

There was a girl. She was a beautiful girl. She wore lilac silk and her hair was white with purple streaks. Her skin was pale and fair. She wore a crown in her hair. She wore no shoes but walked barefoot. Her skirts flowed around and behind her. She lived in the forest with The Dream Keeper.

The Dream Keeper was invisible. He never walked. He floated above ground. He kept dreams and sent dreams and futures and visions all around the world. He also watched over Vision.

One day Vision was alone. She was walking to collect purple flowers. Then she saw a new purple flower and, so curious was she, that she reached out to pick one. But no sooner had she touched the mysterious bush, then she fell back onto the bush and fell fast asleep.

The old witch who had hidden herself and put the sleeping spell on the bush, emerged and cackled with glee. Vision was asleep and so she would remain until  a believer in dreams and The Captain of a famed ship was found and he came and kissed her. She placed a tiny figure of the ship in the girl’s hand and left.

The Dream Keeper was in despair when he found Vision. The spell was to powerful for him to remove so he left her and went to guide the right man to her.

He sent dream after dream to men all around the world and yet they all laughed at their dream, not even finding it queer that they had all had the same dream. Just silly fairy tale stuff, they all agreed.

Now, after a year and one day had passed, Dream Keeper finally found out from a dove that Witch Mvil had found The Captain and had imprisoned him in a pit for eternity so as to assure  that Vision would remain asleep forever.

Dream Keeper went to The Captain in his dream for he could use dreams as portals to places. The man sat in the pit and wept and looked longingly at the tiny bars above him that locked him in.

“Do you want to get out?” Dream Keeper asked, his voice filling the pit.

The Captain jumped and looked around. He saw noting but he still said, “Yes.”

“Well then climb up to the top of this pit. Can you manage?”

“Anything to get me out of here, “replied The Captain, “I can manage.

It did not take him long to climb up to the top. The bars blocked his way.

“Alright, now call out to Witch Mvil who is sitting over there by her fire that you want something to eat.”

“Yo, witch!”Shouted The Captain, “I have sat in here long enough! You ought to have the decency feed a man at least!”

Grumbling, Witch Mvil came to the edge of the pit. There she discovered that the bars were so small, she would have to open up the grate to give the man his food. She leaned down and unlocked the grate.

Almost instantly, The Captain was an her. He pushed her into the pit and locked her in.

“I should have known it was you, you filthy keeper of dreams!!!” Witch Mvil shouted.

But Dream Keeper was gone for The Captain had stopped dreaming and his visit had come to an end.

When The Captain awoke, he was no longer in the pit but outside it and witch Mvil was still shouting and cursing inside the pit. where he had once been.

He rubbed his eyes and sat up. The dream had been real after all.

He set off to find his ship. He climbed over mountains and walked for miles over plains. he searched the oceans but no where could he find his ship.

Sadly he returned to his home by the sea. It was there that Dream Keeper visited him again.

“Do you want to find your ship?” Dream Keeper asked.

”Yes!” replied The Captain,”that ship was everything to me for i have never married.”

“Well,” Said the Dream Keeper, “I know where you ship is. A girl holds it within her hands in a forest not far from here. She has no intentions of giving it back. She is going to keep it. If you get to the forest at sunset tomorrow, you will find her asleep on a purple bush. You cannot take the ship from her while she lives so you must kill her. The only way you can kill her is to kiss her on the lips. Then she will give you your ship back.”

The Captain set out the next day. He came to the forest and walked through it until he came to the purple bush. Sure enough, just as the voice in his dream had said, a beautiful girl lay upon it, clasping his ship in her hands.

She was so beautiful, it seemed almost a pity to kill her, but he wanted his ship. So he leaned down and kissed her.

Immediately, much to his horror, the girl sat up and stretched and yawned.

Then she turned to the paralyzed Captain. It was the man she had been dreaming off while she slept! How very strange! She knew he had come for his ship, so she gave it to him.

He blinked and looked at her.

“I say!” He stammered, “You were supposed to die when i kissed you!”

Almost immediately he went a deep shade of red.

“Kissed me?” Asked Vision, “Who told you that.”

“er, my dream did,” The Captain replied, feeling very silly.

” Oooooh, “Said Vision,”That naughty Dream Keeper!”

Away in the bushes, Dream Keeper smiled.

Vision got up and danced away into the woods, waving good bye to The Captain.

It may have ended there, but, no. Captain was haunted by dreams of the beauty in the woods and so eventually he returned to the wood and found her there, as young as ever. There he asked her to marry him and she agreed. She left the wood and went down to the sea with him. There they unfolded the Captain’s flying ship and sailed away into the sunset together.

The End

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