strings and pillars

One night I saw the Whole:

It fixed me with a terrible gaze

Then left me


All around Its Voice mocked:

See See See See

I hung there above bleeding hearts,

Peach twigs fallen, snapped in parts,

“How can I see? I who am blind,

You who have blinded me,

Tell me how can I see?” I called until

My voice too was gone yet still

I croaked my “I’m blind” song;

The frogs they chorused along

“She’s blind, she’s in a bind”

Turtle farunkked and hurrumphed,

“Open open open inside

Then just see what you will find!”

Snake coiled herself tight and hissed all around me,

“Medusa was loved by the God of the Sea

Lady Love is Mother who Lights up All:

The butcher the baker the candlestick maker

The ant, the fly, the crow in the sky

The men marching up and down the hall.

Why do you struggle so?

There are no strings you know,

Save the one’s you’ve made in your mind,

Those are what keep you mute and blind,

Keep you hung up and here in a bind.”

Suddenly I fell to the ground

The coils in my hair untangled, unbound,

Unfettered and free

I took a good slow look at Me

And I saw Unity.

Queen of Cosmos

Queen of Night

Queen of Darkness

Queen of Bright

Queen of Fire

Queen of Ice

Queen of Naughty

Queen of Nice

I am your devotee today

With Lady Moon we’ll play.

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  1. I wish I could give you more stars than available here. This is beautiful, from beginning to end the journey of self discovery, acceptance and enlightenment

    Liked by 1 person

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