Lady of the Winter Frost

The Lady of the Winter Frost was the one who sent the snow and set the frost in winter. She had only one rival, The Lady of the Summer Flowers.

The Lady of the Summer Flowers melted her beautiful frost and whisked away her snow with her warm winds, replacing them with silly flowers and green grass.

The Lady of the Spring Dew and The Lady of the Autumn Leaves never interfered in her plans; they had each other to deal with.

One day the Lady of the Winter Frost decided she would not make any snow or frost that year. She would go to were the Holder of the Moon lived. He still owed her a favor in return for the time she had given him a sliver plate to hold the moon on.

Clothed in her ever lasting snowy white dress of swan feathers, the skirt decorated with falling snow, she went to the Holder of the Moon.

The tall magician in a flowing snow white cloak greeted her, the silver plate bearing the moon in his hands.

“Welcome, Lady of the Winter Frost! What can i do for you?”

“I should like to stay here for a while,” Replied the Lady, “I shall make no snow for the ungrateful wretches on earth this year. Then i will see how they feel!”

“Hold my plate for me while i go make us some cold snow tea,” The Holder of the Moon said, handing her the plate.

The Lady of the Winter Frost took the plate.

With a wicked cackle, the Holder of the Moon danced away, “HA!!! Silly Lady! Do you not know that whoever takes the plate from me, must hold it until someone else takes it willingly? Ha, now you will hold it for eternity and i will go and send storms, oh so terrible storms down to earth and freeze every living creature! Good bye, pretty!”

And he left poor Winter Frost holding the plate, staring after him helplessly.

From up in the sky, she could see every thing going on down on earth. She saw her sisters dancing through the fields, flowers, shoots and buds springing up in their wake.

She saw Autumn Leaves dancing through the forest, her dress of swirling, colorful leaves, the stag of the woods at her side as she guided him away from the hunters with gleeful laughter and songs.

She saw Spring Dew sitting by the waterfall, singing buds up out of the earth as she combed her misty golden hair and opened buds with her touch.

She  saw Summer Flowers riding on the back of the Starlight unicorn, through gardens of bare earth, flowers springing up in her wake.

She saw the Queen of the Four Seasons atop her throne and she knew she was not missed.

The clouds rolled up off her plate, shrouding the moon in her hands.

Winter came on earth and Winter Frost saw the wicked magician come dancing through the forest throwing snow up into the air, darkening the skies, preparing to unleash the fury of all the mighty storms down upon earth.

And he did. Earth shook and froze, cracks appeared along the crust and the snow and ice stayed long into summer.

Spring Dew did not have the power to melt all the ice and so no buds sprang up. Earth remained coated in ice.

Summer Flowers could not make the snow and ice flee at the face of warm sun and so no flowers came up. Earth remained coated in ice.

There was no food for the animals and so they started to die of cold and hunger. With no soft ground or dry wood or animals, the people started to die of cold and hunger too.

And the evil magician cackled to himself.

The Queen looked down upon Earth in despair.

She watched the world freeze and the people die.

And she knew there was only one thing to do. There was only one person who had the power to make the snow go away and that was Winter Frost.

She gathered up her blue velvet gown of mist, removed the crown of flowers from her cloudy hair and went to the Holder of the Moon.

Winter Frost saw the Queen walking through the frozen streets of the great, grand city. She went through the park with the grand palace towering up into the grey, blackened skies and frozen fountains. She went through the hall of the palace and started up the stairs to the Moon Dais where she greeted Winter Frost.

“Greetings, Lady. You have seen the terrible tragedies befalling our beloved Earth. The people are dying. The animals are dying. The seasons themselves are dying. And you are the only one who can change this; take away the cold and snow. And so i have come to take the moon from you.”

Before Winter Frost could say any thing, The Queen took the plate holding the Moon.

“Go now,” she said, “i shall be be very happy up here, never fear. And remember to tell Dawn that she is to be the new Queen!”

“Will you not be lonely?” Winter Frost asked.

“Oh no!” replied the Queen, “On my throne i was lonely. No one could visit me or see or speak to me. I hated it! But here the Faries of the Stars and The Lord of the Sun and all who wish to speak to me may come and know their old Queen. I shall love it and i shall SIMPLY adore setting the moon in the sky. And since Dawn hates speaking with anyone, she will be very happy being Queen!”

Winter Frost bowed and ran down the stairs while The Holder of the Moon watched fondly from above.

She ran over the frozen Earth, through the park, lifting up the snow with her feet into a swirling mass behind her. And then she banished it back to her frozen wood and told it how very bad it was to listen to someone else!

Very much ashamed, the snow swirled away, the slightest bit of pink showing in it as it blushed.

The evil magician fell into a deep chasm and the Earth closed over his head with a deep rumble.

Spring Dew came dancing again and the buds sprang up. The rain fell, the grass grew and the animals thrived.

Then came Summer Flowers and the flowers came with the fruits and vegetables and the people thrived.

Last came Autumn Leaves and the trees shed their leaves and the wind swirled them up in the wind.

When winter came, Winter Frost made sure that every thing was sparkling and pretty with ice and that the ponds were frozen for skating and that the fountains froze nicely. She made the snow come, making just enough to build snowmen and to go sledding on.

And so everyone was very happy and the Queen set the Moon high in the sky as Dawn sat down on her throne with a pleased sigh.


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