Ode to Sheep::A Peace Poem

I keep hearing this term “sheeple” used to describe certain people and it makes me wonder how come sheep get to carry the weight of this loaded derogation?  Just because sheeple rhymes with people?? Is it that simple? . . . . anyway, it had me wonder about fellowship and friendship:: how do we as a people interact with one another from a place of kindness or guidance if we’re fenced in by sheeply peoply thoughts that create invisible barriers?  Kind of makes it divisive yes? No? Maybe so?

I put together a little poem inspired by a little story in Rudolf Steiner’s Kingdom of Childhood that shows Sheep (this is the Sheep Year in the zodiac) a little differently . . . .. I’ve been around Sheep (in the fields and as humans) and what mostly strikes me as admirable is their willingness to work together (also known as collaboration/cooperation), their ability to be warm/caring/nourishing beings, and also their steadfast patience when it comes to tackling a long, arduous task . . . . like spending allllll day grazing in the fields 😉 I love Sheep, some of my most beloved fellows are sheep, and::::: they taste so good too (I guess you could say I eat my friends, after all what could be better than eating something as wonderfull as that which you love??)  Eat Love I say!

Here’s my “Peace Poem”, an Ode to the Wooly Sheep, let’s learn a little from what they have to offer instead of being Dog’s all the time . . . . there’s enough space for us All on this planet, surely?

Sheep nudges Violet to ask gentle and slow,
“Viola Lee my dear, why so blue there below?
Tell me true, Viola Lee, my dear, tell me true
Does the day hold no pleasure in it for you?”

Oh Sheepy, sweet Sheepy,
I’ve been ever so weepy since Dog came by here,
He told me the light from the daystar so bright
Would burn and now to look up, oh I fear!”

“Baa-a!” Said Sheep “Dog played you a trick!
To look at the light, feel its warmth, heals the sick!
Come, take a quick peek I’ll be here by your side
We’ll look up together on this high lunar tide.”

Viola Lee glanced above with trust in Sheep
What she saw was so right it made her to weep
Tears of joy, tears of love, tears of loss, tears of peace
She smiled through them all at her friend dressed in fleece.

5 thoughts on “Ode to Sheep::A Peace Poem

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  1. Beautiful poem. Maybe that’s why I so love knitting. Wool from the woolies who are so generous in their giving of themselves, which from wool, To yarn to wearables transforms itself yet retains the origin of its loving covering, of warmth, from the heart.


      1. Heheheee . . .. .me too, baa baa black sheep, though i’d change the words up a little and little boy down the lane was most definitely little girl 😉 and little bo peep, and mary had a little lamb too . . . . i’m curious about beautiful insanity, don’t mind at all 🙂

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