Into a Dream

There once was a plain pink rock. It was a rose quartz and it lay in a stream under a thin, flat rock. It glowed very faintly but no one ever saw the glow and took it out of the muddy glop under the rock that imprisoned it.

Now in a cottage not far from the stream lived a young woman, about 20, and she heard the call of the rock very clearly in her dreams for the pink rock had the ability to send to people in their dreams and allow them to enter them.

Her name was Nicol. And Nicol went down to the stream one day and found the little pink rock as she accidentally tripped over the rock hiding it. She reached down and picked up. It had a little hole in it, perfect for a string and, as it was very pretty, she thought it would make a nice necklace so she took it home with her.

Nicol hung it around her neck that night but she forgot to take it off when she went to bed.

That night she dreamed of a land where pink bubbles floated, holding within them the people of the land imprisoned for eternity. And the pink rock popped her into the land for it knew she could free the people.

Nicol woke up on a mossy, bouncy bank. She had often went in search of adventure and now she was quite sure she was in one. the pink rock glowed faintly and a voice inside her head told her that all the bubbles floated back to the Bubble Maker and if she got on one, it would take her there.

Nicol looked at the bubbles doubtfully. They looked awfully sticky and unreliable, quite like they would tip her off at any moment or roll away from under her.

But she hardly wanted to throw away the chance of adventure so she grabbed one big bubble and threw herself on. It floated away with her on it.

Under her, the grass was grey and lifeless. The rivers were black and slimy, filled with popped bubbles and dead fish. It was rather a miserable place and there was no sun, just black skies.

Nicol floated over a swamp filled with dead birds and then a forest. Her bubble went higher and higher, upwards toward a black cloud in the sky.

Nicol thought that it was the Bubble Makers palace and then she saw it was a swarm of angry wasps. They all flew at her, at her bubble and popped it with their sharp stings. Nicol fell down, down and into the swamp. It was gross. Black water got all over her and dead birds looked up at her with sunken, red eyes. Nicol waded out of the water, pulling feathers off of her in disgust.

Green eyes looked at her from under bushes and bats fluttered past her head of hair, getting stuck in her long tresses. That even more disgusted her and she wished she had brought her handy broom along. She spent a good hour pulling bats out of her hair before she climbed out of the swamp and jumped onto another bubble, quite frustrated now.

One bat she had over looked and it stayed in her hair, quite pleased for a ride. Nicol’s bubble was not a foolish one and it went far away from the wasps and right to the Bubble Maker.

The Bubble Maker was an ugly creature with the top of a human and the bottom of a toad. He wore a very warty black gown, hung all over with dead birds and sticky bubbles and bubble wands. He was blowing pink bubbles non-stop when Nicol arrived, sick and tired of her adventure and she had caught a bad temper on her ride.

Usually very polite, Nicol shouted at the ugly toad monster, “Ho, you ugly beast, put down your silly wand and come over here! I’ve a thing or two to say to your ugly face!!”

The Bubble Maker turned and looked at Nicol as she stormed towards him, a thunder cloud over her head.

“What can i do for you today, ma’am?” He asked in his nicest voice, giving her a sweeping bow.

Nicol snatched his flexible bubble wand and waved it under his nose threateningly, “Now you just listen to me, you beast, i am sick and tired of your rotten land and i DEMAND that you send me home RIGHT NOW!!!!”

The Bubble Maker suddenly became very ugly and he pulled out a big bubble and tried to capture her in it but Nicol reached out and popped it all over his face.

“Now you just listen here,” She stormed, “I am an able housewife, i am, and one stupid bit of gum is not going to stop me!”

The Bubble Maker reached out and slyly pulled her hair hard. But he upset the bat peacefully sleeping there and, enraged at being woken up, the bat flew at the surprised monster.

The Bubble Maker howled as the bat clawed at him.

“Pooh,” said Nicol scornfully. The toady creature smelt awful too and, unable to bear the smell, she reached out and pushed him into his bubbling pool of sticky bubble gum. She whacked his face  with her bubble wand to force him under the gum and there he drowned in his own creation.

No sooner was he gone, then all the bubbles disappeared and the people were free. The black clouds parted and the sun shone. All the dead birds rose up and the grass turned green. The rivers purified themselves and the fish swam again. The swamps emptied themselves of feathers and Nicol woke up.

The pink stone was gone for it had fallen off in the swamp and Nicol cared not for she never wanted to enter into another dream again!


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  1. Mariam – please pass this message along to Layla for me?

    Layla: my eldest son just made me so happy by accepting my challenge to have a writing prompt duel each week. I wanted to invite you and any of your guests here at Layla’s Corner to join us if you like, and I will even reblog your stories at my Houseful Of Knuckleheads blog if you post them here! Here is a link to our first writing prompt – I think you’ll like it!

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