A Voyage

Two Birds and a Rabbit, they set out to sea
In a porcelain boat sailing waves of gravy
Till they landed on a shore of cheesy grits
Where they sat together to share biscuits:

Said the Rabbit to the Birds, “Prithee pass the jam,”
The Birds twittered back, “Did you say pass the ham?
For if you did we’ve got no ham just yet
So wait till sundown and ham you will get.”

“I’m a Rrrraaabbit I Am, and I said I want JAM
You birds did not hear me, so your words are a sham.
See here little birdies, look close at my hat
I’ll draw out a star, a map, a jar of jam, and this cat.”

The birds shrank back in alarm at the cat,
“Brother Rabbit”, said they “Please put it back in the hat!”
“What comes out,” said the Rabbit, “Never ever goes back in
But with a blink of our eyes it’ll change to a tin.”

“To a tin?” quoth the birds, “Why a Tin is no use!
Let us change it to something more grand like a Goose!”
“To a Tin,” said the Rabbit, “Tis a tin it must Be,
So blink when I say blue and a Tin you will see.”

The birds could not blink so the tin they didn’t see
For the cat ate them up in a gulp, my oh me!
Then the Rabbit ate jam on the biscuits galore
And he picked up the tin from where it lay on the shore.

With a star on his brow and his hat on his head
He sailed gravy filled seas in his boat, which was red
The map it was ancient, the places long gone
So he used it as paper to draw new pictures on.

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