queens ~ one third

we were queens once

queens in classic corduroy jackets

embroidered with intricate paisleys, peacocks, and curlicues

in threads of pure silver, honey gold, and red

by handmaidens in dire straits.


slanty eyed women with summertime cork screw curls

they lived on streets thirteen to a room

in jute shacks lining railroad tracks

where we’d impinge at a whim through a tunnel

bombinating our way into their dire world.


bearing brews of damiana, saffron, chicory in ceramic cups

we’d swarm, queens with classic noses turned up,

our hair combed by these women

bringing bristle brushes to bear

upon our unruly potion filled heads.


they’d weave gold threads into intricate braids

before turning us out into tunnels

leading back to where later, down narrower roads

feeling vellichor at the sight of corduroy clothes

we’d remember: once we were queens . . .


this poem was inspired by the words in this wordle brought to you by . ………

. . …….. mindlovemisery’s menagerie


wordle week 60


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