kings ~ two thirds

once we were kings

we’d play our game on squash courts

racquets swooshing down upon the ball

hitting the cement floor then the wall

as we’d build up a sweat.


out on the gangway a gaggle of geese

prevalent amongst them, a queen,

classic nose turned up amidst the mesh

of giggling girls so fresh

with limbs aquiver at the sight of us.


as we’d amble on by they’d swoon and sigh

all except the one with the braided head

she’d roll up the sleeves to her corduroy jacket

bring to bear her very own racquet

beat us in the morass of our own game.


they’d swarm on away from the courts then

in the shrinkage that followed

we’d gaze on their backs all sondering

at the mesh being worthy of pondering:

we were kings once.



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