thoughts bubbling flow

washed clean

ripples bounce on the shore


toward the silken watery surface

billowing above erupting springs


waltzing on the freeway with death

no ambulance to answer

a call on a night still and silent

snow thunders

below stars blinking with belief

from portals in the sky


a lilac cloak on the seafoam drifts

toward shore

spread open wide it waits to make

some body cozy

in its soft embrace

on a frozen night


roses bloom in the thorny hedgerow

perfume hanging heady

in the air mingled with sea and salt

lovers pick shells

laying on moist sand

waiting for the sun to rise


too soon the pink rays spread

opening the sky

while the rainbow bridge stretches

rippling through

world upon world upon world

creating patterns below


magnolia blossoms become a place to sleep

for dewdrops bearing possibilities

washed clean the trout jumps

from silken waters deep

rippling out to shore

thoughts awaken springs that flow


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