Sugar Plum’s Gift

Sugar Plum went inside her house, hand in hand with Whispering Wind.

“I believe you lost someone Wind”, she said leading him into her cozy parlour.

Seated on the embossed velvet upholstery of a rosewood chair was the blue imp in her blue tutu. She looked forlorn and was fiddling with her blue crown, which was on her lap. Her tail hung down to the ground. She looked up when the two of them entered the room and at the sight of Whispering Wind her face lit up and she jumped off the chair, leaping across to throw herself around his neck.

“Beautiful boy! You came for me! I got lost and couldn’t find you, it was terrible and scary, but now I’m so happpppppyyyyy, oh I could just die of happiness!” she squealed.

“I found her wandering about the peaches, they were blue, and she was in quite a state”, Sugar Plum said, “I brought her back and she told me all me about your adventure, it sounds like you made her a promise Wind. Do look after her, she’s a guest in our world you know.”

Whispering Wind blushed. “Er yes well, I was so excited to be home I suppose I uh, sort of misplaced her”, he said rushing on, “I’ll be sure to keep an eye on her!”

“Yes see that you do, who knows what will happen with imps on the loose here! Now I have something else for you, I picked this up on my travels through the Elfin country,” she handed him a parcel wrapped in dried grape leaves tied with grapevines.

He looked surprised and took it from her thanking her as he did so. The blue imp was still hanging on to him so he set her down on the chair and opened it up curious to see what was inside. His eyes grew round as saucers when he saw what it was: a beautifully engraved oak disc with a loop of leather hung from a cord of braided vine.  The carvings were of an oak tree with acorns and leaves, and wrapped around the tree was etched a grape vine also with leaves and clusters of fruit hanging off the branches. Looking closely he saw eyes in some of the fruit and nuts.  He ran his fingers over the polished wood and felt a slight indentation with his thumbnail; he pressed it and a bright beam flared out of the fruit. He was startled! Sugar Plum chuckled.

“Wow Sugar Plum, this is awesome! I love it, thanks!” he said, giving her a hug, “It’s going to be great in the dark, thank you so much!”

“Well it’s getting dark already so you’d best be on your way now”, she said, “Perhaps I’ll tell you the story of where that came from another time”.

He put the necklace over his head and felt the disc settle on his chest.  It felt good.  He moved toward the door then stopped and turning around, he picked up the blue imp who was falling asleep in the chair. He smiled at Sugar Plum and winked, “You thought I’d forgotten her didn’t you! Heheh!” Then he walked out where the sky glowed freshly ripened peach smells on the cool air and headed on home.

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