fairy food

ah, to be a cook for fairies

what a task indeed,

for when the wee folk come a calling

it’s specifics you will need::

like a dewdrop touched by moonlight

gathered in a buttercup,

which then holds a pink sun rising

splashed with rose when high noon’s up

or gold fish ripples in a petal

that prunella must to you gift,

into this a squirt of birch sap

stirred by dragonfly wings that lift

merry are the fair folk circles,

merry and filled with delight,

yet their intake’s most deliberate

could be why they hide from sight

to those who have the eyes to see them:

’tis told not to taste the fairy food

when it’s fairy teas you’re brewing

lest it enchant you and your brood

2 thoughts on “fairy food

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    1. by the pond, the eyes are something else to gaze into::like falling out of time. incredibly this picture is just about life size,
      any more and it would be “larger than life”!! and sure, post and share 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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