I want a cave
A cave to age cheese in
Cheese from milk
Pouring out of the breasts
Of a cow I do not have
I’ll age it all
The same:
The holey kind
Like the stuff the moon’s made out of,
And in a few years
When it’s ripe
I’ll eat it
My insides will light up
Like the moon
And the kids will point and say,
“Mama you glow in the dark!”

I have a cave
A cave to change in
Strip down naked
To dragon scales
A cavern to stretch skin in
Roll about on smooth ground
A stalagmite to scratch an itch on
Spread my wings
Let out some firebreath
Lay a few eggs;
Eggs that’ll hatch
When the cheese is done
I’ll feed my babies from my breast
With cheese as a snack,
They’ll adore holey cheese

There is a cave
I hang upside down in
It’s big mouth gapes open
At the sky above
Where birds sing
Birds I don’t hear though
I feel their vibration
From where upside down
I hang
With hundreds, no! thousands of bats
We’re waiting
For the dark vortex,
A vortex upon which to alight;
Rising in our midst
A witch on a broomstick
The kids know where she came from.

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