Monkey Nowrooz

3.20.16 Transforming Blue Storm Wavespell


Sofreh Nowrooz::compass, map, medicine wheel, magical device sets tone for New Year mojo and intention, navigating journey of exploration in walkabout co-creating cohabiting harmonic communion in companionship with all beings through arrangement of symbols presenting relationship between tribe and all beings necessary to nurturing and nourishing vibrations::

Apple sweet beauty rose red love sprouting from East with Usnea teaching seeded, stepping forth to Southernly long days fertility mushrooming frequently frequenting cozy well made joyous hummingbird home, tucking into Western harvest of seeds sown and grown to fruition enlivened through the imbibement of what came before wave lengths equalizing as the wheel turns to North medicine, healing, wisdom gathered patiently mirrored reflections of wholeness, angelic telluric divine forces protecting weavings, awakening inside to dreaming outside illuminated substance manifested, empowering generosity in all dimensions abundant, verdant, prosperous resonance arranged from web strands spiralling out incarnation, enlightened by the fiery solar rays centred and kindled inclusive rainbow convergence, enclosed circle flowering miracle of Source::

Where are you from?

There are myriad ways to answer this question

Depending on who is questing,

Feeling them out involves

Obtuse inane innocuous responses;

Then they show themselves,

What they are seeking,

Their purpose.


To the one who asks,

Who are your people?

To him I reply,

My people are of the center

Their cities designed as labyrinths,

My people are shapers of beauty

Their earthly abodes tributes of praise,

My people are gatherers of nectar

Their hives overflowing with honey,

My people give their sweat to Earth

While working the sweet dark soil,

My people give their voice to Wind

To bear away their songs,

My people give their hearths to Fire

Whose embers keep them cooking warm,

My people give their bones to Water

To cleanse them after they toil,

My people give their soul to Source

From whence all begins and wends its course.


Haadi says:

“Will you give the key to your kingdom to any body that knocks?

Let there be transparency within communion,

Outside be brazen in employing wits to beguile,

When Haadi wears his birthday suit, it’s mistaken for a disguise.”


“Yaa moqallibal qoloobe wal absaar
Yaa mudabbiral Laylo wan nahaaar
Yaa mohawwilal howley wal ahwaal
Hawwila haalinaa ahsanal haal

O the One who turns hearts and Sees all
The One who turns night into day
The one who Knows the condition of hearts
Change its state, change it for the better.”

~ Nowrooz prayer, to be read at the time of the shift in the Equinox

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